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Defra & Environment Agency: Coastal Schemes with Multiple Objectives and Funders - Case Studies
Coastal Case Studies
Maslen Environmental has recently been awarded a research project to address how Defra and the Environment Agency funds coastal management to mitigate against the threat of climate change.

It is recognised that coastal schemes can bring many public and private benefits; not just in preventing the costly consequences of flooding and erosion to householders, businesses and local authorities, but also in terms of local amenity, tourism, jobs and opportunities for economic redevelopment. Despite the benefits, the costs of improved defences have largely been met centrally by the Environment Agency’s Flood Defence budget.

This project will carry out an examination into multi-objective, partnership and multi-funder coastal defence projects to inform the most suitable approaches to supplement the current central funding model and the recommendations in FCRM Contributions Policy. The practical outputs will assist transferring knowledge and ‘lessons learnt’ to key players in policy, planning, and project management of coastal schemes, together with stakeholders such as community groups, developers, businesses and landowners.

This is a 1 year project taking place throughout 2010. It involves a large multidisciplinary team from within Maslen Environmental and JBA. The team has significant coastal experience and in particular a knowledge of partnership and external funding approaches to regeneration and coastal scheme development.